Chateau Tasting

Our project is at the very beginning but you can already try the chateau's atmosphere. There are a number of balls and social events every winter. The ball season in Kunice begins next Saturday, January 18 with the "Sports Ball" and in February at Berchtold we continue with the traditional "Valentine's Ball"...


Autumn news from Berchtold

The chateau gardens of Berchtold are waking up to the mood of autumn, with soft warm colours that invite you in.

The Residence project is becoming clearer, taking shape and bringing excitement to both our team and interested new owners.


Current status of the project

We are launching soon and you will find a more detailed specification of the standards of the individual properties on this website...


What's new in Kunice?

The biggest event in 2018 was the reconstruction and extension of Kunice’s Primary School, which was completed on time and successfully approved in January 2019.